Automating Business Expenses: Modular Systems & API integrations

Jun 1, 2021 | Findity blog

Finding systems and solutions that you love is a beautiful thing, and once you have a portfolio of great tools and products, you don’t want to let them go.

In 2020, businesses spent $120 billion on internal systems, products and tools. On top of that, migrating systems are not cheap, and finding solutions you’re truly satisfied with can be quite the process.

That’s why solutions your business works with must ensure absolute user convenience and integrate with other systems. If they don’t, there’s a risk you’d have to phase out some of the tools you genuinely love.


Hello, modular systems and API integrations!

Modular systems are nothing new, and many tech companies strive to build customisable plug-and-play solutions. Yet, for most vendors, few features and functionalities are as flexible as they say they are.

Let’s look at the field closest to our heart; expense management.

Suppose you’re in love with a specific company card or accounting system, and your new expense management solution doesn’t accommodate one of them (too often, only one card is supported). In this scenario, you’d have to forfeit one of your favourite products for the other.

With sophisticated API integrations, businesses can connect their favourite systems and share data between them. This is ideal for accounting and payroll as tons of data can flow through multiple financial systems with ease.

Combining a modular system with API integrations makes it easy to customise a solution with all your preferred tools while maintaining a streamlined and efficient setup. Unnecessary features and functions that your business doesn’t need, shouldn’t complicate your structure nor make it more costly – that’s why we built the Marketplace.


The Marketplace

The Marketplace is our one-stop shop for all customers to customise and streamline their expense solution to fit their unique needs. The modular setup makes it easy to turn on and off any functionalities or features as you please. And thanks to our extensive partner network, we offer customers a long list of add-on services directly integrated with our expense platform.

For example, is there a specific company card that your business uses? Good, turn that module on, and the expense app automatically creates an expense from your transaction in real-time.


Want to learn more about the Marketplace and our expense platform? Get in contact with us today.

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