Release notes 2021-09-23

23 September 2021 | Release Notes

Release date: 2021-09-23
Sprint: R13

New functionality

 My purchases

Enable creation of expenses from Amex and Tink transactions that aren’t cleared. I.e reserved amount of a purchase.

Corporate Cards

Manage visibility of CorpCard for user view. Only show card providers with active license.

Partial Subsistence Allowance Finland

New file based recipient

Recipient filter

Be able to report on a separate salary code and allowanceCode(s) for handling partial day allowance in Finnish Inkomstregistret file.

Balancing report

Improvement of stability and reliability of the generation of this report. Needs to be activated by Findity per each organization.



Hotfix 2021-09-02
● Cannot save changes under organisation information and license information.

● Since the last release we got bad performance when fetching organization for some users

Hotfix 2021-09-07
● License improvement when upgrading from beginners user license when sending more than 5 expenses

Hotfix 2021-09-14
● Fix to make Amex expense create button visible ● Fix to avoid Tink connection to end up in an irreversible error state


Bug fixes (some of them…)

FEP-3298 Tink connection ends up in an irreversible state

FEP-3287 Reminder email sent to users no longer employee

FEP-3259 Match transactions to first available when same kind of expense

FEP-3255 Cannot upgrade beginner license because of typo

FEP-3325 Bulk send performance degraded after soft delete bugfix

FEP-3232 Performance issue since last release

FEP-3310 Account activation leads to App store even on PC browser

FEP-85 Import users from excel sets the wrong field for department

FEP-3150 Category presets are overridden by user data entry history

FEP-3216 VAT information missing in pdf for new accounting

FEP-3345 License statistics is missing rows for licenses not used by organization

FEP-3148 Handle report menu is not positioned correctly

FEP-3143 Wrong name and icon for Infobric Fleet (prev TelliQ)

FEP-2199 Remove concatenation: frontend UI

FEP-3353 Wrong checkbox accent color in messages view in mobiles

FEP-1375 Sorting on report number

FEP-3246 Gui glitch in Marketplace

FEP-3107 Updating new dimension value deletes the old value

FEP-3250 Organization vat number in wrong format according to Opencard

FEP-3007 Onboarding: Category counter doesn’t update

FEP-3225 Report view uses user setting, not browser locale, when displaying dates

FEP-2767 Exports not shown after having changed email

FEP-3239 Multibyte characters not handled in appendix database table

FEP-3265 Make MQ-queue exclusive to avoid multiple identical reports (real time card transactions)

FEP-3273 Inefficient card transaction match joins with all expenseReports

FEP-3279 SK block not working well

FEP-2198 Remove concatenation: backend

FEP-3213 App restores card transaction verificationId to previously swapped and now deleted expense

FEP-3285 Swedish and Norwegian mobile translations

FEP-3274 Hardcoded toastText in UI

FEP-3228 Sorting on amount value won’t work after you searched for a user (neither DESC or ASC)

FEP-2816 Quickbooks fixes

FEP-2959 App: Different fonts in report view


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