Upgrade your accounting and payroll services with expense management

A customisable solution built to simplify your own and clients expense management.

Findity expense management platform

Streamlined expense claims in your colors

Digitise the expense claim process and save precious time for yourself and clients with one expense management solution connected to multiple financial software. Stay focused on what you do best, and add customer value with a proven solution in your brand in no time.

In the Finance department

A simple expense claim process

Your client makes expenses in your white-label solution
Approve and administrate expenses, allowances, and mileage in one simple solution
Send reports directly to integrated accounting and payroll software
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Findity - Mobile expense management overview
Findity - Mobile automatic mileage log
Findity - Mobile automatic expense claim

Everything in one app!

Collect all expenses, allowances and travel bills in one place. The solution can easily be customised to meet your and your clients needs.

  • Expense claims
  • Mileage
  • Allowances
  • Credit card integration
  • Compliance with local regulations and laws
  • Integration with major ERP and Financial software
Transaction overview

Our partners

Findity partner - visma
Findity partner - visma

“Findity is a responsive partner that is very easy to cooperate with. The ability to customize the platform into Visma’s existing solutions and the coverage of our clients’ needs were decisive upon choosing them as a partner.”


Charlotte Von Sydow, CEO, Visma SPCS

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