Expand your card offering with white-label expense management

Add value to your corporate card with a white-label expense management solution designed to simplify the everyday lives of your customers.

Corporate card provider - expense management

Time to simplify corporate spending?

Enhance your corporate card offering and strengthen your market position with a white-label expense management solution. With short time-to-market, you’re quickly up and running with an innovative partner and adding customer value from day one.

The easy white-label partnership

  • Customise the solution for your needs
  • A proven and leading solution
  • Experts in expense management
  • Flexible scalability
  • AISP license
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My purchases - Corporate card provider

Streamlined expense management

Access corporate card transactions directly in the app, and create expenses with a simple click.

  • All corporate expenses in one place
  • No more lost receipts
  • Fast expense claim processes
  • Manage all types of receipts
  • Connect multiple corporate cards
My purchases - Corporate card provider

It’s easy for your customers

Connect corporate cards to the expense management solution
Access all transactions in one place
All receipts in one app – both digital and paper receipts
Create expenses and send to bookkeeping

Our partners

Findity partner - visma
Findity partner - visma

“Findity is a responsive partner that is very easy to cooperate with. The ability to customize the platform into Visma’s existing solutions and the coverage of our clients’ needs were decisive upon choosing them as a partner.”


Charlotte Von Sydow, CEO, Visma SPCS

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