As a Companyexpense partner, you get a smart and automated solution for managing receipts and travel expenses. Take your company, product, or service to the next level and join us by becoming a partner.

White Labels

Deliver Sweden’s best expense management service as if it were your own with a White Label. Promote the service using your brand – let us do all the development.

Agency partners

As a partner, you get smart, automated posting of travel expenses. Less paperwork and less admin. Offer your customers the opportunity to work digitally.

Integration partners

A complete customer communication solution for managing receipts and travel expenses needs to integrate with multiple types of systems and services, from front-end to back-end, and from purchase to payment.

Bank partners

By registering company cards with Companyexpense, we can simplify managing business and travel expenses even more. All purchases made with a registered card are automatically managed by the service. And all purchases are matched against company card invoices.



POSs are integrated with the Digitalreceipts platform, which produces the digital receipts and adds value to transactions.

Integration with POSs