Technology documentation

API documentation for Findity partners


The purpose of this document is to provide Findity partners with information on how to:

  • Register accounts
  • Create digital receipts
  • Connect to and send receipts to Findity

A partner is in this context, a Point of Sales (POS) system provider, an e-commerce system provider or any other system provider that produces receipt data. The term ‘POS’ will be used for all such systems in this document. Findity services are in the context of this document referring to the following products based on the Findity Digital Receipts Platform:

  • Sparakvittot
  • Companyexpense
  • Sportexpense
  • Greenbin


About Accounts

In addition to the technical implementation (ARTS XML receipts and Findity’s web service API), a number of accounts must be created to enable POS (shop) usage of the Findity services.

The shop account

Each shop must have an account with Findity before it (via a POS system) can send receipts to the service. There are two ways to set up the shop account. It can be created directly from the POS via an API (preferred) or the information can be sent to Findity for manual registration. Implementing the API to register shop accounts in the POS is recommended since this will simplify the work needed to setup a new shop.

For manual registration, the information needed to create the account is:

  • Company name
  • Address
  • VAT number
  • Shop identity
  • Phone number
  • Web address (if any).

In addition to the company information, we also need the graphical profile, e.g.

  • Shop logo
  • Range of colours for branding (RGB)

Send this information to and we will create the shop account for you. We will also provide the shop/chain store with a Findity shop admin account.

Findity provides a ‘demo shop account’ which can be used for testing.

The integration account

A POS integration account is needed when connecting the POS system with Findity’s web services. Contact to get an integration account.

The user account

Each receipt has a recipient – the purchaser/customer. The recipient must have a Findity user account to be able to view the receipts sent to Findity.

POS providers will need a test user account when implementing the Findity connection. User accounts for testing can be created via:

POS API Reference

Using the API, you can create and send digital receipts to Findity.

The Findity web service api is described in detail here: POS API Reference.

The API can also be used to register and update the shop/chain store information in the Findity platform and retrieve the id needed to identify the store. The web services for this are described in the POS API Reference. The description of the XML for creating a store is described in this document: Sparakvittot-StoreXML1.0.0. The XML for creating a store and the related schema is found in this archive: store-example-xml-and-schema.

Supported digital receipts standards

Findity supports the following standards for digital receipts submitted via the POS API:

ARTS Digital Receipt XML standard.
Finvoice Receipts

The following documents describes the xml mapping:

Sparakvittot-ARTS-DR200-eng (Current version)
Sparakvittot-ARTSDR101-eng (Deprecated)

ARTS Digital Receipt version 2.0.0 is the preferred version and should be used by all POS providers not already supporting version 1.0.1. Findity has made extensions to version 1.0.1 to make some 2.0.0-functionality available in 1.0.1.

The ARTS 2.0.0 extensions are documented in a separate schema found in this archive: arts-200-sample-receipts-and-schemas
ARTS 1.0.1 plus extensions is documented in the schema found in this archive: sk-arts-101-sample-receipts-and-schemas
ARTS 1.0.1 standard schema (without extensions) and receipt examples is found in this archive: sample-receipts-and-arts-schema


We also provide source code in Java and .NET that can be used as examples on how to communicate with the Findity services.

Developer support

For more information and help with account creation, contact us at: