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Learn why leading accounting and payroll firms, financial software vendors, and corporate card providers choose to partner with us and how they deliver the expense management platform as their own.

“In our ambition to always challenge old and ineffective work habits, the partnership with Findity is spot on. Together we simplify and smarten up management of receipts, allowances, and milages. Furthermore, we minimize human errors with machine learning in the platform – one of the few real AI solutions on the market.”

Cesar Nilsson, CPO, Fortnox

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Fortnox uses all components of the expense management platform to create a unique, automated, and powerful solution. From white-label, Single-sign-on, IFrame, API-calls, to card integrations, and more.



“Findity is a responsive partner that is very easy to cooperate with. The ability to customize the platform into Visma’s existing solutions and the coverage of our clients’ needs were decisive upon choosing them as a partner”

Charlotte Von Sydow, CEO, Visma SPCS

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Visma started out launching their expense management solution as a stand-alone white-label. The solution was launched within 4 weeks from the agreement, and at a later stage, we developed the solution with API integrations into existing software to automate the set-up of new clients and more.

Visma SPCS


“Findity is a progressive partner who doesn’t avoid the big questions – such as where the industry is headed and what it takes to remain at the forefront. For us at Aspia, it is important to be able to offer a versatile and efficient solution that can meet our customers’ different needs – both today and tomorrow.”

Ylva Wallström, System and service manager at Aspia



“Findity’s strong ambition to be at the forefront of offering next-generation expense management technology, along with the desire to enhance their platform with an ecosystem of partners, like financial systems and card providers, enables Companyexpense to offer an outstanding and future-proof solution to customers.”

Jessica Sundström, CCO, Companyexpense

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Companyexpense utilizes all the features and functions of the expense management platform, offering their customers the best-of-breed travel and expense solution.Thanks to the scalability of the platform they have, since starting in 2015, been able to satisfy the needs of the Nordic enterprise and SME market.

Companyexpense is a subsidiary to Findity, operating under their own brand and acting as a separate entity.



“We’re always looking for ways to add value to our clients and to keep them satisfied. By partnering with Findity, we could easily white-label our own expense management software which helps automate and simplify the time-consuming process for our clients.”

Stian Brandvold, Sales and Marketing Director, VIEW Ledger

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VIEW Ledger built their expense management software as a white-label solution of our platform. Their solution includes all components of the expense management platform, with key features like digital receipt analysis, mileage log, travel allowances, corporate card integration, and more.

VIEW Ledger


“As a market leader within supplier invoice management, we must continuously develop and improve our offering to our customers. We have a high demand for expense management, and together with Findity, we have successfully created a solution that further helps our customers automate their work in Ascendo.

The collaboration with Findity has been accommodating since the start as they, like us at Medius Ascendo, are continually working for improvement through a professional and broad organisation.”

Marcus Egberth, Customer Success, Medius Ascendo AB

Medius Ascendo


“With Findity’s platform, it was easy to launch our own expense solution. With Entré Utlägg, customers have control over their expense management; receipts are photographed and submitted in time, and no documents disappear along the way.”

Anneli Andersson, Finance department, Hantverksdata

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Hantverksdata offers a digital and automated Expense management solution built on our Expense Management platform. The solution is white-labelled and equipped with travel allowances, expense claims, mileage logs, integrations to financial systems and company cards, and much more.



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